Downstairs Cloakroom Ideas

Transform your cloakroom into a small bathroom with style. Downstair toilets and cloakrooms are becoming more and more popular because of their convenience. They take the pressure off the main bathroom especially in the mornings when everyone may need to get ready at the same time.

Here are some cool cloakroom design ideas to inspire you. Just because the downstairs cloakroom is quick and convenient doesnt stop it from being stylish too. Take some of these ideas and add them to your own to come up with a room with style and fun.

Lots of cloakroom suites and downstairs toilet ideas. When you have guests over they may not even use the main bathroom if you have a cloakroom downstairs so you should have a cloakroom that gives a good impression and maybe makes them smile.

Use cloakroom basins, cloakroom tiles and corner sinks to make the most of your cloakroom and downstairs toilet space. There are many fun ways to decorate a cloakroom. And its not the main bathroom in your home so you can maybe take a chance and be a bit more daring than you might be in the main bathroom.

If space is an issue in your cloakroom there are a number of options to make the most of it. Small bathrooms and cloakrooms are being catered for much more by designers lately. Sinks and toilets with a much smaller form factor are more widely available to allow you to take advantage of the space in the cloakroom. Sinks may be wall hung and toilets too. This not only means they dont take up as much space in the bathroom or cloakroom but also dont take up any floor space which gives the illusion of space much more also.

If you have created a cloakroom out of a cupboard below stairs then these are likely to be useful to you. Sometimes homeowners transform that space into a useful downstairs toilets as its often just used to store junk. There are also corner sinks or corner toilets that can be used for these smaller cloakrooms too.

Although there might not be a great deal of space you might want at least a little bit of storage in the cloakroom. Small cabinets and vanity units that take up minimal space in a small bathroom are available. These can also be wall hung to make practical use of the available space too.

There is some very contemporary fixtures and fittings that are available for small bathrooms and cloakrooms so you could end up with a room that is extremely stylish. Try and go for a bright and bold finish. Your cloakroom is likely to be very small so stay away from dark colors which will tend to draw the space in even more. Bright colors will help with the sense of space and openness and just make the room feel much more cheery. Also keep the space free of any clutter as this will make a small room feel even smaller.


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