Cloakroom Ideas

Use stylish ideas to create a new cloakroom. White and bright colors in a cloakroom help to give it that fresh and open feeling that will help with the sensation of space in what is usually quite a small room. Also keep the room clear and clutter free will help greatly with that so avoid the tendency to store junk like shoes and coats in the downstair toilets also.

Add elegance with contemporary fixtures and fittings. There are lots of new and modern styles out on the market these days. Designers are given much more consideration to the problems of small bathrooms and cloakrooms and are creating styles and fixtures and fittings that are much more practical to help solve those issues and still create a room with a great deal of style.

There are lots of different styles and designs for cloakrooms these days that there is bound to be something to suit your taste. And people still want to put their own personality into the decor of a cloakroom rather than it just looking like a functional room with a sink and a toilet. Part of that comes from the choice of bathroom suite, colors, tile styles and materials and storage.

Whether thats simple and elegant or bold and outgoing. And of course there are different levels to suit varying budgets. Shopping around is also a great way to get good deals and get more for less. There are always bargains to be had if you are prepared to look around.

Another consideration is if you want your cloakroom to be green in terms of being eco friendly. You can buy materials that have been produced using recycled materials. Also you can get low wattage lighting that doesnt use as much energy. Low flow taps that save of water will combine to reduce both gas and electricity bills and all of these will go some small way to saving our environment.

A cloakroom should also be seen as an investment in your home. It may not increase its value directly but it will make it a little bit more attractive to potential buyers as it adds to the convenience of a home. And if it has been tastefully decorated that makes it even more attractive too. Buyers always tend to think that a nicely decorated home has been look after and so is always an easier sale.

Add the extra touches to your cloakroom that are necessary if you have the space. A small bathroom vanity can make it a little bit more practical. Combine a wall hung vanity unit with a vessel sink to make for a solution that is both practical in terms of adding a little bit of storage but is also contemporary in terms of style too. There are some really amazing looking sinks available that you can combine with awesome styles of vanity unit.

Look for a really tasteful mirror perhaps with a very grand frame to add a special touch to your cloakroom too. Add some good lighting to that too.

Downstairs Cloakroom Ideas


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