Bathroom Sink Splashback Ideas

A backsplash behind a sink looks good and does a good job. Splashbacks were created to protect walls from splashes of liquids and foods etc. They are very popular in kitchens and thats where you would usually see them.

Kitchen tile backsplashes are now not just a functional thing but are an important decorative element in the kitchen. And backsplash that have long been in bathrooms are becoming seen as an important part of the decor too. Use it as a chance to experiment with a tile design.

Although the backpslash in a bathroom behind the sink is only a very small area it can still benefit from a wonderful design. This works especially well if the rest of the area around the sink is not tiled. If it works then scale it up and do it for the rest of the bathroom. This will give you a chance to try out lots of different designs until you find one you like.

That small area of the bathroom is easy to replace if you dont like it. Splasbacks are often made from ceramic tiles but can be glass, stainless steel, or more luxury materials such as travertine, slate, granite or even marble.

Of course the material that you choose will depend on you budget. Not that a sink splashback will cost you a lot because it is indeed only a very small area. But once you have tried a material there and find that you like it, its entirely possible that you will want to extend that to the rest of the bathroom. And thats when it could get expensive if you have used a more expensive material.

By choosing a bold material or a bold pattern you can really transform the look of a bathroom. Even if its just in that area bahind the sink if you coordinate it with the rest of the bathroom you can create a new focal point and a real area of interest to your bathroom. And from a practical viewpoint a splashback is a great way to protect the walls and are extremely easy to keep clean generally just needing a quick wipe.

Try and go for quality when seeking out your tiles for your backsplash. Its always worth paying a little bit extra to get the best quality available. Its likely that they will not only look better but will also maintain that look for a longer lifetime.

Of course you dont always have to use tiles for a bathroom sink splashback. Glass splashbacks are available in one pice of material that can just be very quickly fitted behind your sink. The great thing about glass is that it even easier to clean than individual tiles as there is not grout area to get dirty. Plus you have the option of different colours. This can be dont by either painting the area off the wall and then fitting a plain piece of glass and letting the color come through, or getting a piece of pre colored glass. The first option would allow you to repaint the wall cheaply to change colors.

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