Cloakroom Splashback Ideas

Cloakroom Splashback Ideas

Turning a downstairs space into a cloakroom really makes things more convenient in your home. And for decorating that cloakroom there are lots of different options that you can explore. But take the time to get a good idea of how you want your cloakroom to look.

Think about things like floor tiles and wall tiles if you are going to have them. In tiles alone there is a really vast arroy of choice. There are different colors, shapes, sizes patterns and textures. You can go for one tile or combine different tiles together to come up with your own unique pattern.

The most popular material for tiles is ceramic of course, in white. But there are so many other materials to choose from. Materials such as porcelain, slate and travertine are popular alternatives. Then you have the more stylish options such as granite and marble. But of course those options come with a much larger price tag, and not just for the materials. The tiles themselves are made from a heavy stone so installation is that much more of a long job as they need to be carefully secured in place and the walls need to be in a good and strong state and also level to support them.

White is always a popular option in bathrooms and cloakroom but if you want something a little different why not just add some black to that. A black and white bathroom has drama and interest at the same time. You can introduce black by using areas of black tiles, or by doing one wall entirely in black or by having an even mix of black and white floor tiles in a checkerboard type pattern.

Combining the two colors really brings out the best of both. And black on its own can be a bit overwhelming and confining. But it doesnt have to be just black and white. There are many colors that work well together in that way. White and red or white and blue can also look stunning but think about the look you want to create.

If you dont have any strong ideas on how you want your cloakroom to look try and find a theme to guide you. Once you have a fell for a theme it will be easier for you to visualise colors and textures and accessories that you want to see in your cloakroom. Also if you have friends and family that have cloakrooms go and have a proper look at theirs. Take their ideas but combine them with your in a way that will make your cloakroom totally unique and have a little bit of a wow factor to it.

Take the time to shop around when looking for items for your new cloakroom. Not only will this let you see the best and latest items available on the market, but it will allow you to sniff out again bargains that will help you to keep the cost of the new installation down.

Cloakroom Splashback Ideas

Cloakroom Splashback Ideas


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