Bathroom Ideas

Bathroom Ideas

Keeping the bathroom tidy with a busy family can be a struggle.

But you dont always have to spend lots of time or money or get a cleaner in to kepp it under control.

The bathroom vanity is often half empty with lots at the front and nothing at the back so make full use of your vanity.

Bins and baskets in the bathroom or in bedrooms will make it easier to store dirty clothes or empties ready for washing or disposal.

Keep as much out of the bathroom as you can to make the best use of that space and make it more comfortable

Small WC Decorating Ideas

Funky Downstairs Toilet

Bathroom Ideas

Bathroom Ideas


Small WC Decorating Ideas

There are some great small bathroom and cloakroom ideas out there.

Depending on taste from clean and elegant to funcky and quirky.

Here are a few more to inspire you.

Look in interior design magazines too as they will have lots of the latest ideas.

Or visit your local bathroom showrooms as they will have displays in store or in their catalogues.

Funky Downstairs Toilet

Downstairs toilets are becoming very popular.

The convenience of a cloakroom is becoming a must have and indeed they are even adding value to homes.

Dont make the cloakroom the ignored stepchild of the bathrooms

Take the opportunity to make a something interesting and funky.

It will be fun to see your guests smiling when they leave the room.

Bathroom Sink Splashback Ideas

Bathroom Sink Splashback Ideas

A backsplash behind a sink looks good and does a good job. Splashbacks were created to protect walls from splashes of liquids and foods etc. They are very popular in kitchens and thats where you would usually see them.

Kitchen tile backsplashes are now not just a functional thing but are an important decorative element in the kitchen. And backsplash that have long been in bathrooms are becoming seen as an important part of the decor too. Use it as a chance to experiment with a tile design.

Although the backpslash in a bathroom behind the sink is only a very small area it can still benefit from a wonderful design. This works especially well if the rest of the area around the sink is not tiled. If it works then scale it up and do it for the rest of the bathroom. This will give you a chance to try out lots of different designs until you find one you like.

That small area of the bathroom is easy to replace if you dont like it. Splasbacks are often made from ceramic tiles but can be glass, stainless steel, or more luxury materials such as travertine, slate, granite or even marble.

Of course the material that you choose will depend on you budget. Not that a sink splashback will cost you a lot because it is indeed only a very small area. But once you have tried a material there and find that you like it, its entirely possible that you will want to extend that to the rest of the bathroom. And thats when it could get expensive if you have used a more expensive material.

By choosing a bold material or a bold pattern you can really transform the look of a bathroom. Even if its just in that area bahind the sink if you coordinate it with the rest of the bathroom you can create a new focal point and a real area of interest to your bathroom. And from a practical viewpoint a splashback is a great way to protect the walls and are extremely easy to keep clean generally just needing a quick wipe.

Try and go for quality when seeking out your tiles for your backsplash. Its always worth paying a little bit extra to get the best quality available. Its likely that they will not only look better but will also maintain that look for a longer lifetime.

Of course you dont always have to use tiles for a bathroom sink splashback. Glass splashbacks are available in one pice of material that can just be very quickly fitted behind your sink. The great thing about glass is that it even easier to clean than individual tiles as there is not grout area to get dirty. Plus you have the option of different colours. This can be dont by either painting the area off the wall and then fitting a plain piece of glass and letting the color come through, or getting a piece of pre colored glass. The first option would allow you to repaint the wall cheaply to change colors.

Cloakroom Ideas

Cloakroom Ideas

Use stylish ideas to create a new cloakroom. White and bright colors in a cloakroom help to give it that fresh and open feeling that will help with the sensation of space in what is usually quite a small room. Also keep the room clear and clutter free will help greatly with that so avoid the tendency to store junk like shoes and coats in the downstair toilets also.

Add elegance with contemporary fixtures and fittings. There are lots of new and modern styles out on the market these days. Designers are given much more consideration to the problems of small bathrooms and cloakrooms and are creating styles and fixtures and fittings that are much more practical to help solve those issues and still create a room with a great deal of style.

There are lots of different styles and designs for cloakrooms these days that there is bound to be something to suit your taste. And people still want to put their own personality into the decor of a cloakroom rather than it just looking like a functional room with a sink and a toilet. Part of that comes from the choice of bathroom suite, colors, tile styles and materials and storage.

Whether thats simple and elegant or bold and outgoing. And of course there are different levels to suit varying budgets. Shopping around is also a great way to get good deals and get more for less. There are always bargains to be had if you are prepared to look around.

Another consideration is if you want your cloakroom to be green in terms of being eco friendly. You can buy materials that have been produced using recycled materials. Also you can get low wattage lighting that doesnt use as much energy. Low flow taps that save of water will combine to reduce both gas and electricity bills and all of these will go some small way to saving our environment.

A cloakroom should also be seen as an investment in your home. It may not increase its value directly but it will make it a little bit more attractive to potential buyers as it adds to the convenience of a home. And if it has been tastefully decorated that makes it even more attractive too. Buyers always tend to think that a nicely decorated home has been look after and so is always an easier sale.

Add the extra touches to your cloakroom that are necessary if you have the space. A small bathroom vanity can make it a little bit more practical. Combine a wall hung vanity unit with a vessel sink to make for a solution that is both practical in terms of adding a little bit of storage but is also contemporary in terms of style too. There are some really amazing looking sinks available that you can combine with awesome styles of vanity unit.

Look for a really tasteful mirror perhaps with a very grand frame to add a special touch to your cloakroom too. Add some good lighting to that too.

Downstairs Cloakroom Ideas

Downstairs Cloakroom Ideas

Transform your cloakroom into a small bathroom with style. Downstair toilets and cloakrooms are becoming more and more popular because of their convenience. They take the pressure off the main bathroom especially in the mornings when everyone may need to get ready at the same time.

Here are some cool cloakroom design ideas to inspire you. Just because the downstairs cloakroom is quick and convenient doesnt stop it from being stylish too. Take some of these ideas and add them to your own to come up with a room with style and fun.

Lots of cloakroom suites and downstairs toilet ideas. When you have guests over they may not even use the main bathroom if you have a cloakroom downstairs so you should have a cloakroom that gives a good impression and maybe makes them smile.

Use cloakroom basins, cloakroom tiles and corner sinks to make the most of your cloakroom and downstairs toilet space. There are many fun ways to decorate a cloakroom. And its not the main bathroom in your home so you can maybe take a chance and be a bit more daring than you might be in the main bathroom.

If space is an issue in your cloakroom there are a number of options to make the most of it. Small bathrooms and cloakrooms are being catered for much more by designers lately. Sinks and toilets with a much smaller form factor are more widely available to allow you to take advantage of the space in the cloakroom. Sinks may be wall hung and toilets too. This not only means they dont take up as much space in the bathroom or cloakroom but also dont take up any floor space which gives the illusion of space much more also.

If you have created a cloakroom out of a cupboard below stairs then these are likely to be useful to you. Sometimes homeowners transform that space into a useful downstairs toilets as its often just used to store junk. There are also corner sinks or corner toilets that can be used for these smaller cloakrooms too.

Although there might not be a great deal of space you might want at least a little bit of storage in the cloakroom. Small cabinets and vanity units that take up minimal space in a small bathroom are available. These can also be wall hung to make practical use of the available space too.

There is some very contemporary fixtures and fittings that are available for small bathrooms and cloakrooms so you could end up with a room that is extremely stylish. Try and go for a bright and bold finish. Your cloakroom is likely to be very small so stay away from dark colors which will tend to draw the space in even more. Bright colors will help with the sense of space and openness and just make the room feel much more cheery. Also keep the space free of any clutter as this will make a small room feel even smaller.

Cloakroom Splashback Ideas

Cloakroom Splashback Ideas

Turning a downstairs space into a cloakroom really makes things more convenient in your home. And for decorating that cloakroom there are lots of different options that you can explore. But take the time to get a good idea of how you want your cloakroom to look.

Think about things like floor tiles and wall tiles if you are going to have them. In tiles alone there is a really vast arroy of choice. There are different colors, shapes, sizes patterns and textures. You can go for one tile or combine different tiles together to come up with your own unique pattern.

The most popular material for tiles is ceramic of course, in white. But there are so many other materials to choose from. Materials such as porcelain, slate and travertine are popular alternatives. Then you have the more stylish options such as granite and marble. But of course those options come with a much larger price tag, and not just for the materials. The tiles themselves are made from a heavy stone so installation is that much more of a long job as they need to be carefully secured in place and the walls need to be in a good and strong state and also level to support them.

White is always a popular option in bathrooms and cloakroom but if you want something a little different why not just add some black to that. A black and white bathroom has drama and interest at the same time. You can introduce black by using areas of black tiles, or by doing one wall entirely in black or by having an even mix of black and white floor tiles in a checkerboard type pattern.

Combining the two colors really brings out the best of both. And black on its own can be a bit overwhelming and confining. But it doesnt have to be just black and white. There are many colors that work well together in that way. White and red or white and blue can also look stunning but think about the look you want to create.

If you dont have any strong ideas on how you want your cloakroom to look try and find a theme to guide you. Once you have a fell for a theme it will be easier for you to visualise colors and textures and accessories that you want to see in your cloakroom. Also if you have friends and family that have cloakrooms go and have a proper look at theirs. Take their ideas but combine them with your in a way that will make your cloakroom totally unique and have a little bit of a wow factor to it.

Take the time to shop around when looking for items for your new cloakroom. Not only will this let you see the best and latest items available on the market, but it will allow you to sniff out again bargains that will help you to keep the cost of the new installation down.

Cloakroom Splashback Ideas

Cloakroom Splashback Ideas